Oceana invests in technical studies to prove its efficacy in partnerships with specialists and research institutes. We are compliant with the most demanding quality norms which are the result of a strict work allied to the application of high technology.

Vegetable Nutrition

The Algen® line, a material with 100% biological origin, is intended to the vegetal nutrition and soil fertilization. It is made from powder, granulated and liquid products, aiming at facilitating its application. They are used as organic fertilizer in agriculture, they present proven benefits. Rich in calcium, magnesium and amino acids, it offers nutrients of immediate availability, quickly improving the physical and chemical conditions of the soil, boosting the NPK absorption and increasing rooting and productivity.

Animal Nutrition

Lithonutri® line is recommended for the feeding of all the animal species and it also presents several benefits. In beef and milk cattle, it enables fiber digestion, ruminal Ph balance, increase of the sodium contents in the milk and provides gain weight, among others. In laying birds, increase of production of eggs and better thickness of the eggshell are among the benefits of its use. In the equine, there is the decrease of lesions and articulations, in addition to the quick replacement of calcium in working and competition animals.

Water Treatment

Neutralizing and remineralizing product of potable water, PH corrector, neutralizer of the CO2 free, creation of solu bicarbonates


ALGEN® Acqua is a mineral fertilizer of 100% biological origin (Lithothamnium marine algae) with the capacity of chemical and biological conditioning of the soil and water of the tanks. It is a high bio availability product, with nutritional and prebiotic properties, which optimize the growth of plankton and shrimps.