Oceana Minerals obtains International Certification that strengthens the high quality of its products


IBD USDA Certification opens the doors for the company’s expansion in the demanding markets of the United States and of other countries in Europe and Asia


Oceana Minerals, a 100% national company with unique technology in sustainable extraction and good use of the Lithothamnium marine algae has just stepped towards to become international. Holding advanced and unprecedented technological solutions, Oceana is active in the agricultural and livestock sectors, in addition to offering products to the shrimp farming, for human use, such as supplements and water treatment.

The company has just obtained the IBD USDA Certification, which is a Seal granted by the United States Department of Agriculture for products with a high quality index. The process was started in the first months of 2018, when Oceana applied for the certification. Within three months, the company prepared the documents, trained its staff and adapted its manufacturing processes as per the normative standards for the manufacturing of organic products.

The audit was made at Tutóia unit, in Maranhão State. During the inspection the operational processes, the good manufacturing practices manual, training and facilities cleaning registry, product traceability process, physical chemical and contaminant reports analyses of each production batch were strictly assessed.

In the audit scope, IBD analyzed the documentation and the facilities of the Lithothamnium sp processing unit. In the end, the agency granted its favorable opinion to Oceana Minerals application to obtain the certificate, reinforcing that all indices in the inspection were satisfactory and with no registry of non-compliances in the process.

This favorable opinion is registered in the Certificate of Organic Operation, under number US 3841/18. “IBD USDA Seal confirms that our products were approved within the highest quality standards that are necessary for trading in the United States, enabling the maintenance and expansion for access to its competitive domestic market. This also certifies that our products fulfill and are compliant with the 7 CFR Part 205 Standard for organic products”, Daniel Frasson, CEO of Oceana Minerals, explains.

“With the IBD USDA Certification and the Seal of organic raw materials, obtained in the previous years, Oceana Minerals enters a new and promising journey, consolidating its status as a company that develops and trades organic products, always focused on quality and new technologies. Currently, our export strategy is focused on the several regions of Europe, Central America, USA and Asia”, Oceana Mineral’s CEO states.