Oceana Minerals consolidates operation in Eastern Europe with certifications and local inventory

Oceana Minerals Europe, a leading company in the development of solutions to the agribusiness based on the Lithothamnium marine algae continues to consolidate its brand as a global reference in quality and purity.

Today the company enjoys a consolidated operation globally, with delivery capacity and the main certifications to act in the European market.

Through its elements, the product adds very interesting combinations with sodium bicarbonate. The company is investing in scientific research together with the largest suppliers of sodium bicarbonate in Europe and in the Middle East. With a local storage and distribution unit in Le Havre, France, the company has the capacity to deliver the pure product in big quantities all over Europe.

Another essential characteristic is the buffering effect of the solution. It has a direct impact on reducing acidity produced during rumen fermentation, with a positive impact on animal health, and consequently on productivity.

“The demand for the Lithothamnium in the European livestock industry has exceeded our expectations, with constant growth in the sales volume in the main markets of Western Europe”, Patrick Hallqvist, Oceana Minerals Europe CEO explains. “Today we are advancing with strategic distribution contracts in the region, which represents an important market for the expansion of the Brazilian agribusiness multinational companies”.