Oceana Minerals: Brazilian startup develops sustainable fertilizers

The 100% Brazilian startup “Oceana Brasil” produces an organic fertilizer that can be used in food production and animal feed for all species. Not only is Oceana’s fertilizer completely natural, but also increases profitability for farmers and producers.

In addition to the vegetal nutrient “Algen”, designed for soil fertilization, Oceana also produces an animal nutrient called “Lithonutri”, available for all animal species. The animal feed improves the digestion of fibers, helps to balance the rumen pH, and improves sodium levels and weight gain.

Both products are 100% natural and exported around to world to various countries in Europe, Asia, Central and North America.

Oceana is one of the principal companies of sustainable extraction of Lithothamnium seaweed in the world, producing 40,000 tons annually. Furthermore, the company’s industrial activity causes no environmental harm and preserves the nature of its repository. With its advanced technological resources, Oceana doesn’t use any chemical compost at any stage of its productive cycle, which is also free of all human contact.

Located in northern Brazil’s continental platform of Maranhão, the company’s repository presents the only uniquely perfect environment for such algae extraction of this kind in the world. Because it is situated in a region of maritime streams and exceptional solar incidence, the algae in this particular location are more pure, reactive, and carry more nutrients. With 11,000 square meters of area, its annual production capacity of Lithothamnium is actually 150,000 tons, which can be increased depending on market demand.

Oceana’s products carry the Organic Certificate of the Certification Association of the Biodynamic Institute (IBD), which guarantees organic quality in national and international markets. Their products also carry the approval of the Brazilian national health agency (Anvisa), American Food and Drug Administration, and the European public animal and food health administration EMA.

The Brazilian startup has also developed various international partnerships with research institutes in Europe. In 2016, Oceana Brasil signed a contract of cooperation and distribution with the Dutch company Jadis Additiva, one of the largest European ingredient distributors.

“The objective of this partnership is to strengthen sales in countries of that region and to develop our products,” said Daniel Frasson, president of Oceana. “The perspective is that this union will result in business negotiations of up to 5 million euros in three years.”

In order to maintain the natural ecosystem of its repository, Oceana works and invests in research and technology projects that control and monitor biological life. Rather than extracting live algae, the company only uses algae that has already calcified and sedimented on a continental platform separate from the live ecosystem, thereby maintaining the area’s natural environmental balance.



Apr, 07,2017