Animal Nutrition

LITHONUTRI® is the Lithothamnium SP based innovative product, that is extracted from the sedimented marine algae. Those algae are renewable sources and can be found on the Northeastern Coast of Brazil in shallow Waters, 50 km away from the continent in areas that are contaminant free.

Lithothamnium sp is several times referred to as BIOGENIC OR BIODETRICTIC limestone. It has been used in Europe for over 200 years, notably in France, England and Ireland.

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Highly Efficient

An important bio-mineral complex for animal nutrition, 100% natural from plant origin and rich in macro and micronutrients that are highly assimilated by the body, providing improvement in the productivity and in the quality of animal growth. it also contains a highly rich organic portion very beneficial to the animal metabolism and well being.

  • Recommendations

    LITHONUTRI® is recommended as an ingredient for feed, premix, mineral and vitamin complexes, mineral supplements, homeopathic complexes, protein/ energetic supplements and compounds for mico toxins adsorbents.

    It may be associated to other products of buffering action, such as sodium bicarbonate and magnesium oxide.

  • Components

    In addition to the Calcium and Magnesium, LITHONUTRI® has some micro elements in trace level, that are important in nutrition, such as: Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Chrome, Iodine, Manganese and Cobalt, all from vegetable origin (high bio availability).

  • Structure

    Due to its structure, LITHONUTRI® works as a low release buffer, neutralizing the acids for a long period of time, taking up to 8 hours for the total release of calcium and magnesium.

  • More

    It may also be used simultaneously with monensin or probiotics.

    We monitor the technical conditions of the reserve, only extracting the sediment material.

LITHONUTRI® Advantages


  • Easy to apply product and with no residual effect;
  • Better absorption of the fibers;
  • Better ruminant health for your herd;
  • Excellent cost/benefit relation;
  • Compatible with essential oils, probiotics and monensin;
  • Used in the formulation of high performance “Buffering Blends” at the animal feed plants or on the farms.


  • Increase in the percentage of egg production;
  • Better thickness of the shell;
  • Increase in the egg mass;
  • Decrease in the rate of cracked and thin shell eggs;
  • Better food conversion;
  • Higher gain weight;
  • Higher yield of breast;
  • Anti mico toxins effect.