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Oceana Minerals launches Algen TS for seed treatment

Oceana Minerals announced the launch of Algen TS, which uses the seaweed Lithothamnium, for seed treatment. It is a product that has a calcium and magnesium composition that is five to eight times more soluble than the traditional carbonates, including an organic portion composed by vitamins and amino-acids. “The biological origin of the Lithothamnium seaweed […]

Oceana Minerals launches Algen ONE fertilizer

Oceana Brazil announced the launch of the fertilizer Algen ONE. According to the manufacturer, it is the first balanced phosphate fertilizer, rich in Lithothamnium and amino acids, in the Brazilian market. The product is recommended for all phosphorus applications and also basic fertilization. Luiz Pugliesi, general director of Oceana Brazil, affirms that the focus of […]

Oceana Minerals: Brazilian startup develops sustainable fertilizers

The 100% Brazilian startup “Oceana Brasil” produces an organic fertilizer that can be used in food production and animal feed for all species. Not only is Oceana’s fertilizer completely natural, but also increases profitability for farmers and producers. In addition to the vegetal nutrient “Algen”, designed for soil fertilization, Oceana also produces an animal nutrient […]

Rossana Pavanelli

Diretora de Operações & Novos Negócios PhD em Negócios pela FCU, EUA. Mestre em Administração de Empresas (MBA), com foco em estratégia, pela Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV). MBA em Marketing pela FGV. MBA em Negócios e Marketing na Universidade Chinesa de Hong Kong. Professora de MBA na FGV, um dos melhores Think Tanks do mundo. […]

Eduard Kozak

Agronomist, post-graduated in Marketing, more than 25 years with leadership roles at Agribusiness in a variety of different markets and crops. In addition, 12 years leading direct sales, dealers and sales teams focusing on product launching, market share gain and team development, building high performance teams in multinational companies, such as Yara, the biggest fertilizer […]

CEO of Oceana – Daniel Dall ‘Asta Frasson

Post-MBA at Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University). Post-graduated in Pricing Analytics at Columbia University. Executive MBA at Fundacao Dom Cabral (Financial Times 2018 ranked as 12th best MBA in the world). Post-graduated in Credit and Risk Management at Fundacao Getulio Vargas (FGV), a well knowing Brazilian educational institution with international awards one of five […]

Oceana Minerals obtains International Certification that strengthens the high quality of its products

Oceana Minerals, a 100% national company with unique technology in sustainable extraction and good use of the Lithothamnium marine algae has just stepped towards to become international. Holding advanced and unprecedented technological solutions, Oceana is active in the agricultural and livestock sectors, in addition to offering products to the shrimp farming, for human use, such […]


INDUSTRIAL TOMATO Implementation Dose: 350 kg/ha/harvest TABLE TOMATO AND PEPPER IMPLEMENTATION DOSE: 50 g/ PLANT/harvest APPLICATION RECOMMENDATION: 100% applied in the crop, and it may be mixed with the NPK* fertilizers. RESULTS: Productivity increase per hectare and industrial; It prevents blossom end rot (black tone); It prevents necrosis in the inside of the fruits (blackheart); […]


IMPLEMENTATION DOSE: 350 kg/ha/harvest APPLICATON RECOMMENDATION: 100% applied in the crop, and it may be mixed with NPK* fertilizer. RESULTS: Productivity increase; Increase of the efficiency of mineral fertilizers; Remineralization of the soil nutrients; Radicular development, resistance to drought and summer; Higher resistance to fungal diseases and sucking insects.


IMPLEMENTATION DOSE: 350 kg/ha/harvest APPLICATION RECOMMENDATION: 100% applied in the crop, and it may be mixed with NPK* fertilizer. RESULTS: Higher period of post-harvest conservation; It provides better cooking culinary for the potato; It does not cause or increase the incidence of common scab; Productivity gain and resistance to abiotic stress; It ensures the good […]